Thursday, April 24, 2008

First time

Well, ...Hello

Welcome to Yellow Dog WoodWorking's Update blog site! Here at Yellow Dog WoodWorking, we were wanting a way to communicate with you about your "Stick Order", (this is what we call your project in the shop). This way you can track the progress of your project that you have entrusted to us to handcraft for you.

During the construction phase, we will attempt to post frequent updates with photos. This way "YOU" are involved. If there are any questions or you see something you would like to change, we can discuss it before we get too far down the path.

Also we will put updates and general happenings in the shop that we feel you would like to see.

Till then.... Yellow Dog ---aka-- "Crockett" says hello and relax! We are here to help and make this exciting and easy for you.

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